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Beekeep your best with ABC Bees. Through our world-class beekeeping educational courses, incredible collaborative community, and our combined desire for mastery, ABC Bees will guide you through it all. All you need to know to keep your hive healthy and thriving, to strategies to connect and grow with your bees. We have expert instructors and a hands-on approach so you will gain practical knowledge and skills that you can use every day.

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Our Beekeeping Courses...

12 Hours

Beekeeping Basics

5 Weeks

Level One Beekeeping Certificate

7 Months

Better Beekeeping Business

Master Academy 2023

With the help of the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP), we have assembled together all of our resources into a new library called Master Academy.

Master Academy not only shows you exactly what you should be doing month to month in your apiary — but how to do it in a way that meets you where you are in your skill set, location, and philosophy.

It also includes international keynote speakers, tools, and mentorship for expanding your beekeeping expertise. 

What to Expect from ABC Bees

ABC Bees is the perfect place to get started in beekeeping. Our comprehensive courses include instructional videos, downloadable resources, live Q&A sessions, and access to our ABC Bees community.

Whether you’re a beginner beekeeper or looking for mastery, our courses will help you take your beekeeping skills to the next level.

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We provide our beekeepers with courses and resources to help them continue their learning and development.


The ABC Bees Community is like a virtual hive where everyone can connect, share and offer support to one another by sharing articles, experiences, ideas and resources.


With the guidance of ABC Bees, you are given a comprehensive roadmap to success that will provide you with the building blocks required to hone your practice. 

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Hours of Field Videos and Training Modules in Our Courses

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Students Passed Our Level One Beekeeping Certificate

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Online Beekeeper Training Courses

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Expert Instructors to Learn From in Our Master Academy Program

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