12-Months to Complete
70 Hours

Better Beekeeping Business

Learn What It Takes To Start a Beekeeping Business

Better Beekeeping Business is a program built to set you and your business up for success. Learn from beekeeping focussed accountants, insurance brokers, marketing professionals, and business planning professionals to share tips and tricks, resources, and things to keep in mind when starting a business in the world of beekeeping

Learn about the business of beekeeping from individuals who are in the business of beekeeping! They will be sharing their stories, their successes, and even their failures. 

Explore what’s really working to run and grow a small business so you can build a more effective, sustainable, and profitable business one day at a time.

What You will Learn

Course Format

Learning Timeline

Beekeeping Business Planning

Strategize your business and build a plan with Suzanne and the extensive tools and resources she shares.

Beekeeper Business Insurance Needs

Key insurance considerations for mixed business: agricultural and commercial.

Profit Strategy and Accounting

An in-depth look at how financial planning within your company, and managing your accounts will increase your success.

Beekeeping Marketing Strategies

Confidently choose a marketing strategy that works for you and dominate the market.

Business in Bee Education

Learn how Eliese took her small dream and turned it in to the ABC Bees that you know today.

Business in Research

Passion projects and non-profits are not always a recipe for success, learn from Sarah how she makes it work.

Business in Corporate Partnerships

Learn from Alex how he took his small rooftop honey business international.

Business in Bee Equipment

Matt shares the ups and downs of building a bee equipment empire and what he could have done to keep it from bankruptcy.

1 Hour Mentorship Call

Once you complete the course, schedule a call with Eliese. We will go over whatever it is you need to launch, grow, and succeed!

Start Your Beekeeping Business Today!

With so much insight, support, and tools, it is a no-brainer to get going today. With 12 months of access to these resources, you can not only build the beekeeping business of your dreams but do it on your own time.  And with a 1-on-1 call with Eliese, you will be confident, clear, and ready to execute your plan

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