Our #Bees4Communities Partnership is a robust program that allows for ABC Bees to hold over 50 colonies in our diverse urban and rural apiaries used for educational programming for the public. Here is how our Partnership works:

  1. We partner with local companies that share our passion for bee stewardship and urban agriculture resilience. The companies are as diverse as the colonies they lease.
  2. Partners receive their share of 70% of the total honey yield per year. Each colony represents a single share.
  3. 20% of the yield is given back to ABC Bees by ABC Bees Partners to sell. The proceeds of these sales go back to our Bees in the Classroom Programming in Calgary and area.
  4. 10% of the yield is given to the owners of the properties ABC Bees keeps bees with as a part of the Partnership. This includes: Heritage Park, Rouge Restaurant, River Run Private Community Garden, Jim Besse's backyard in Sunnyside, Bernie Amell in Inglewood, Whispering Mariah Ranch near Crossfield, Blue Mountain Biodynamic Farm, and CrossAlta Farms wildlands buffalo jump.