Have you ever wanted to keep honeybees? Meet fellow beekeepers? Or have burning questions about your bee or hive management, and want some guidance? Field Days are the perfect introduction to honeybees for first-timers, a great refresher for novice beekeepers and a blast for eager kids.

This fun and cheap afternoon starts with a potluck lunch to meet your fellow beekeepers and get an introduction to the world of bees. Afterwards we will open up a few hives, see what the bees are and give you the opportunity to get in and feel your way around a beehive, and maybe even eat some comb fresh honey!

The Field Days are scheduled around the seasonal behaviour of the bees; allowing you to really learn and keep up to date on how colonies progress throughout the seasons. Eliese will bring in colonies with unique behaviours, from supersedure and queen rearing to drone layers and newly caught swarms. For the newbees, you can expect to see a queen bee, babies hatching out, and maybe even the famous waggle-dance!

Field Days